Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yosemite: From Peaks To Sunsets

Day 2! This was my first full day and we decided to do one of my favorite hikes to Cathedral Peak. The trail is not maintained by the rangers, although it is in good condition due to frequent hikers. It is mainly used by climbers to reach the summit. Since I am not a climber, I scrambled up the side to about as high as you can get without ropes. The view is fantastic at about 10,500 feet, giving you a 300 degree view of the meadow and surrounding mountains. The trail is about 6 miles round trip with a 2000 foot elevation change. Check out my route at Thanks runkeeper!

I decided to take some pictures in the morning around the campsite as well as some sunset shots (my favorite time to shoot!) so enjoy!

This is part of the Tuolumne River which runs right by the campground. There were a few guys polar bearing every morning, which will definitely wake you up more than Starbucks ever could.

I'm not much of a flower photographer but I do appreciate beauty! That's Lembert Dome in the background.

Some of the many rocks near the river

Final scramble to the top!

Looking back to the meadow halfway up the peak

Tuolumne River

Lembert Dome

A view of Bud Lake and the surrounding mountains

Bud Lake

Must climb higher!

Almost there!

The very top

You can barely see Half Dome in the distance from the top

Cathedral Lake down below

Rain headed our way. Time to go!

Nothing like a good lunch after a long hike

Lembert Dome in the fading light

Setting up for the sunset. You can check out my time lapse at

Doing what I love best

Panoramic of the surrounding mountains

From the meadow to the moon

There goes the sun...

The last rays of light

Stay tuned...


Sarah said...

Steve you have such a great eye for amazing pictures. I might be a little jealous but don't tell anyone.

MOM said...

Hi Steve... my favorites are the must climb higher, almost there, and the very top pics. Great and unique ideas! Shows the great effort to get there. Whew. Bud lake is beautiful. Cathedral peak never takes a bad pic...well, maybe if I was holding the camera it might :-)
Love you

Lynette said...

As usual, great pictures and a great story to take us along with you!

Steve Carbajal said...

Thanks everyone! You are very encouraging.

Sarah I'd be jealous of your pix if you'd put them up on your blog!!! Get on it :)

PaulZam said...

Esteban, dude...sweet pics! You have an eye for capturing the beauty that is so prevalent in Tuolumne. Thanks for posting, I feel almost like I was there...